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At RE Media Co. we pride ourselves in having great systems in place that provide you with top tier real estate media with a next-day turnaround guarantee!

Our teams experience stretches across cinematography, photography, graphic design, and social media strategies


With competitive pricing, top tier quality, and friendly service we are laser focused on becoming the go-to media team for high performing real estate agents/teams in the Raleigh, NC market.



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I’ve worn many hats over the past decade. From working in a machine shop to selling real estate, and everything in between. Throughout all of those endeavors my passion has always been creating media and serving others.

As someone with prior experience as an NC Realtor I understand the challenges that real estate professionals face on a daily basis: packed schedules, early mornings in the office, late evening appointments, or even just making sure that your constantly available and easy to reach, it can leave little time for your own marketing strategies and more importantly executing them. 

My mission is to provide a friendly, customer service driven “one stop shop” that offers you everything necessary to strengthen your brand and make sure your listings and brand stand out. 

Send us a message or give us a call to connect!



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